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Drones are Legal to fly in South Africa since 1 July 2015.

Even though you do not need a license for hobby flying, please note the following information regarding regulations for flying a drone as a hobbyist or as a business:

The operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) is regulated in terms of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations.
Operations as a hobbyist or as a commercial endeavour are both subject to the terms of Regulation 101.01.4 of the Civil Aviation Regulations. Click here for more info

How difficult is it to fly the drone?

The improvement in Drone technology has made flying a drone much easier than ever. Some of the very latest drones, have automatic takeoff, automatic landing gear retraction, autonomous waypoint flying, automatic landing gear deployment, and automatic landing and shutoff. Electronic gyros, keep the craft stable evening relatively windy conditions, so even if you take your hands off controls the aircraft will just stay in its position. Should you fly your drone out of range, it will climb to a height defined by yourself, and return and land to its takeoff position. On many drones you have in-flight information sent directly back to you, either on a separate remote screen or on your smart phone. That information will tell you, the speed, height, direction, distance from yourself, and battery condition of your drone. When your battery level gets to a certain point, the drone will decide it needs to return home by itself, And auto land.[/expand]

What warranty to I get on my drone?

1 year warranty on the drone and controller, 6 months warranty on the battery and gimbal

How long does the battery last?

Depending on your model of Drone flight time is up to a maximum of 25 minutes per flight

How to I keep my software up to date for my drone?

Simply visit the manufacturer’s websites to check for frequent updates, details are available in your instruction manual.

How do I get spare parts for my drone and how do I repair it?

Spare parts are available through us.

What weather conditions can I fly my drone in?

Drones can be flown in surprisingly bad weather. We recommend you start flying in only the best conditions, And then with experience use your drone in stronger winds. Please remember if you fly long-distance with the wind, it will take much longer to get back(if it’s windy).

Do I need Wifi or cellphone signal?


How does the auto return home function work?

It could be one of a few reasons it automatically returns home: should the battery run low, once it is out of range and when you turn the remote control off.


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