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Hobby Regulations

Drones were made legal for the first time in South Africa from 1 July 2015 and it is actually a big win for hobby drone users!

Under the new Regulations Hobby Drone Pilots:

  • Do not need an RPL (Remote Pilots Licence).
  • Do not need to register their RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) aircraft.
  • Do not need an aviation medical.
  • Can fly RPAS up to 7kg weight.
  • Can fly up to the height of the highest object in 300m of the drone (up to a max of 400 feet).
  • Can fly up to 500m away from the pilot, while maintaining direct line of sight (RVLOS).
  • Need to keep more than 50m from people.
  • Need to keep more than 50m from roads.
  • Need to keep more than 50m from buildings.
  • Need to keep more than 10km from airports.
  • May only fly RPAS in daylight and clear weather conditions.
  • May not fly in No Fly Zones.
  • May not fly on any property without permission from the property owner

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