Phantom 4 Accessories

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Phantom 4

1 x Phantom 4 Direct From DJI, Refurb with Full 12 Month SA Support & Warranty

Please note that this Phantom 4 at this amazing price is a refurbished product and has undergone a professional refurbishing process that brings it up to the same high standards as brand new DJI products, and all refurbished products come with new parts, new packaging and DJI’s standard Manufacturer Warranty.

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OPTIONAL: Additional Phantom 4 Battery

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R299 R39

1 x Phantom 4 Charging Hub

Charge 3 Phantom 4 batteries in sequence, connects to you regular Phantom 4 Charger.

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Range Booster For Phantom 3, Phantom 4 And Inspire
R795 R99

1 x Range Booster for Phantom 4 Pro

An industry first this antenna booster Long Range system will allow you to fly your Phantom 4 up to *7 kilometers.  

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Droneworld Lanyard
R95 R9

1 x Droneworld Lanyard

Secure your remote controller around your neck with the Droneworld Lanyard

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Phantom 4
R995 R119

1 x Phantom 4 Car Charger

Charge your batteries on the go with this high performance car charger

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Phantom 4
R295 R35

1 x P4 Extended Landing Gear

Lift Your Phantom 4 Out Of The Dirt And Grass And Stones Etc, And Thus Giving You More Ground Clearance And Protection For Your Camera And Gimbal

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Phantom 4 Snap On Propeller Guards
R495 R59

1 x Phantom 4 Propeller Guards

Keep your propellers safe when flying close to trees and buildings

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iOS Portable Data Cable
R195 R23

1 x iOS Portable Data Cable

A great little cable to connect your Remote Controller to your iOS device

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USB Card Reader
R50 R9

1 x USB Card Reader

Transfer files from your memory cards faster than ever before with this USB 3.0 Pocket Card Reader.

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Drone VR Goggles
R595 R75

1 x Drone 3D VR FPV Goggles

Now you can fly from within your drone for that immersive flying experience

Available for Pre-Order

R495 R59

1 x Drone Heli Pad

Land and take off safely from this heli pad

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1080P Dashboard Camera
R1,195 R149

1 x 1080P Dashboard Camera

A great dash cam with a resolution of 1080p@30fps, with super features, like motion detection, g-sensor, anti-shake, a back screen and can also take pictures.

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Phantom 3 Aluminium Carry Case
R1,895 R229

1 x Phantom 4 Aluminium Case

Especially made just for the Phantom 4, carries everything but the kitchen sink, you can even leave your propellers on.

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ND4 Lens Filter for Phantom 3 and Phantom 4
R295 R104

1 x ND4 Lens Filter for Phantom 4

ND4 – Dimmer,To help the 4K/HD camera to improve photo/video quality.

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R395 R50

1 x 10000 mAh Power Bank

A High capacity power bank capable of charging 2 smartphones or a DJI Spark battery, with a build in LED display.

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