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  • Matrice 600 Pro


    Available for Pre-Order

    A3 Pro Flight Controller, Superlative Performance. Complete Integration, Ultra Convenient Charge Six Batteries Simultaneously Aerial Imaging Solution Extended Flight Time and Transmission Range Professional HD Transmission

  • Matrice 200


    Available for Pre-Order

    DJI's most revolutionary industrial drone to date, the M200 comes in three different configurations to suit your need. The M200, M210 and M210 RTK. Please contact us for more information.

  • Matrice 600

    R93,900 R85,900

    Available for Pre-Order

    Designed for filmmakers and industrial applications Multiple gimbals supported including the Ronin-MX A3 and Lightbridge 2 built-in Extended flight time and long range transmission Professional HD transmission Powerful app control SDK supported Upgradeable with A3 PRO and D-RTK GNSS