Durango Explorer 2, Long Range Antenna For Phantom 3 Pro / 4 Standard We Fit To Your Remote

Fly Safer with Better Signal Coverage & Video Quality with our Drone World Aerospace Engineered Xtreme Long Range System  180° Panoramic Panel Antenna).
Experience the benefit of linear polarized antennas with low signal rejection for superior video streaming.

After experiencing DJI flying with the DURANGO “EXPLORER 2”, you will never use anything else again,(You will be spoilt for life). Experience uninterrupted, long range signal and  video feed.Fly many kilometres,(even if you don’t want to fly many kilometres, experience the the full HD live images even behind  bushes and trees ) with extreme confidence, with full 720 HD Image quality. It quickly detaches from the remote(Less than 15 seconds) to fit into a backpack.(Or leave in situ in our aluminium case)

Please note that to install the Durango Long Range Antenna System the original antennas on the controllers are permanently removed and replaced.

Product Description

DURANGO “EXPLORER 2”, LONG RANGE ANTENNA SYSTEM, delivers 180° and up to 63 x (yes, sixty three times) better coverage than the standard Phantom remote.

For which Drones?

  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced & Pro
  • Phantom 4


  • Up to 16 km Live video feed and control range.
  • You will now be able to penetrate through small barriers and overcome pesky WiFi interference. That means more range and less hassle when you are flying.
  • Set your video feed to its highest quality and then fly off towards the horizon.


Industry First: The ONLY System in the World with Fully Internalised Wifi Boosters.

Set your video signal quality to maximum.
Up to 16 km – Fly Safer with Better Live Video & Signal Strength, even at low elevations

180° Panoramic Panel Antenna with 10G Pure Raw Copper Double Insulated Internal & External Wires

Ensure your signal doesn’t get cut out

Extend Your Range and Fly Safer! 10x MORE POWER
– Fully internalised WiFi boosters
– No troublesome external boosters or batteries
– No aftermarket charger needed
– Portability, fits in backpacks [quick detachable mounting pull to release] – Better penetration through trees and around buildings
– Featured Highlight: Maintain Full Resolution Video Feed without distortion across kms of range at ultra low elevations.[Think how much interference there is from all the wifi signals from the houses in this video most other long-range videos on the Internet are away from any interference in the back of beyond]



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