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Droneworld Crash Protection Standalone

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All our drones are government ICASA approved for legal flight in South Africa.

crash protection

If We Can’t Fix it, We Will Replace it!


The benefits of the Exclusive Droneworld Crash Protection Plan is:


    • We Provide Credit to purchase a brand new drone – same or different – or repair parts – the choice is yours!
    • Fully Renewable/Transferable*
    • 100% Parts and Labor Coverage*


Droneworld Crash Protection Plan is a service package designed to provide you with peace of mind by covering damage to your DJI drone that occurs during normal operation. Too many variables can lead to disaster when flying a drone – especially if you are a new drone pilot.

A drone is a considerable investment that operates in a very fragile environment. Protecting your investment is a necessity! If you are using drones professionally or for fun, then you are aware that accidents happen.

If your drone sustains impact rest assured you are covered by Crash Protection Plan giving you total peace of mind, knowing that you are covered by the best in the business!


      • You can only purchase this Crash Protection BEFORE an accidental crash.
      • Unlike some of the protection plans offered by the manufacturers, there is *no limit to the number of crashes you can have in a year and still be covered.
      • We will fix your drone for free for a full year.
      • Please read the full terms and conditions here.

Please note: You need to enter your drone Serial Number, and a pic of your drone after you have purchased the crash protection.