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Dreame D10 Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Dreame D10 Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Reconditioned - 3month Warranty


Accurately mapping your home in just 8 minutes*, our DreameBot D10 Plus avoids obstacles for effective and efficient cleaning, even in rooms with closely spaced furniture. With an 8-meter radius, LiDAR navigation, and a SLAM algorithm, our robot ensures dynamic mapping and intelligent route planning.

Customize Your Cleaning

With our accompanying app, you can take complete control of the DreameBot D10 Plus from a distance! Customize the cleaning process to select cleaning modes, clean specific rooms, set virtual walls, and even place no-go zones.

Hair-raising vacuuming.

Manage your water.

Cleans longer.

Cleans at your command.

Cleaning has never been easier with our voice-controlled robotic vacuum. Simply say the word to start, pause, or stop your robot and make automatic cleaning even more hands-off. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can put automatic cleaning at the tip of your tongue


Specifications of D10 Plus Robotic Vacuum

Dust Collection Base





Introducing the AI technology within the Dreame D10 Plus enables it to learn and adapt to your home’s unique cleaning needs. Through continuous interaction with its environment, the vacuum cleaner’s intelligent algorithms analyze the layout of your home, creating precise and intelligent mapping for optimized cleaning performance. Say goodbye to missed spots and hello to a spotless home.
What’s In The Box:
  • Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop x 1
  • Mop Pad x 1
  • Dust Bin x 1
  • Power Cord x 1
  • Side Brush x 1
  • Main Brush x 1
  • Dust Collection Bag x 1

6 months warranty