GoPro Karma without Camera

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The biggest selling point for Karma is its ease of use. That starts with a foldable design for easy storage and carrying — GoPro is even including a small backpack with the drone. Karma users will control the quadcopter from a very simple clamshell-shaped controller. On one half of the controller is a touchscreen display and on the other are two joysticks with a bare minimum of buttons.



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GoPro Karma without Camera

Easy to Fly

Never flown a drone before? New pilots will fly with confidence while seasoned pros will enjoy Karma’s performance.

GoPro Karma without Camera

Ultra Compact

Karma goes with you. It folds into its own lightweight, compact case that’s comfortable to wear during any activity.

GoPro Karma without Camera

Karma Grip Included

Handheld or Mountable

GoPro Karma without Camera

GoPro Karma without Camera

GoPro Karma without CameraGoPro Karma without CameraGoPro Karma without Camera   GoPro Karma without Camera