Inspire 1 Tracking Device

You will fly your Inspire 1 drone safe in the knowledge that should anything happen you can safely track your drone.

Product Description

Manufactured in Israel this compact device will ensure that you never lose your drone again with this powerful real-time black box designed especially for drones and quadcopters. Trusted and used daily by thousands of pilots world wide!

Think of the Flytrex Live 3G as a black box for your personal drone. The small device attaches to the bottom of a quadcopter and transmits its current location via a 3G cellular network in real-time, as long as the drone has power. In addition to letting you know where your drone has landed (or crashed) , there’s a social media aspect. Your flights are automatically logged, and badges are awarded for various achievements. You can share these online, and see what other pilots have done with their drones. It’s an accessory, that will pay for itself if you manage to recover a drone that would have been otherwise lost.

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