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Proscenic M8 Pro Robotic Vacuum& Mop, Self Emptying 2022 model Incl P11 Cordless Vacuum

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R19,495 R11,190

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Get an unbeatable Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner Combo! This Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner Combo gives you the 850T Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop PLUS the P11 Handheld Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

The Proscenic 850T Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop is compact and can reach under furniture as low as 8.3cm, with 3000pa suction power, adjustable water seepage for mopping climbs from floor to carpet crossing obstacles by 15mm. It also has anti-drop sensors, smart cleaning, and mapping, big dust bin of 500ml. This robotic vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts its suction power from the floor to the carpet and lasts up to 120min. Can be controlled by Hand Control, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings.

The Benefits of The Proscenic 850T Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop are:

  • 2-in-1 combined container
  • Gyroscope Navigation
  • 3000pa incredible suction power
  • Big 500ml dust container
  • Lasts 120 minutes in silent mode
  • Automatic charging
  • Anti-fall sensors
  • Compact flat design
  • App and voice control
  • Remote control
  • Different cleaning modes
  • Systematic cleaning mode
  • HEPA filter

The Proscenic P11 Handheld Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a more user-friendly design. The 2-in-1 anti-winding brush is suitable for carpets and floors, safe on wooden floors and there is no need to replace the brush.

With an easy-to-empty dust box, all you need to do is press the button of the dust bin. The dust and debris will eject from the dust box.

Product function includes:

  • High-speed brushless motor
  • 25KPa Super suction
  • Touch screen control
  • 50 minutes duration
  • Four stages filter
  • Efficient filtration of 0.3-micron dust, purification rate of 99.97%, rejecting secondary pollution
  • Touch to switch gears, live display of remaining machine power
  • Built-in smart chip and inductive processor, encounter fault screen display
  • Main brush: roller brush, hard floors and carpets can handle
  • With a small brush head, turned into a car vacuum cleaner
  • One-click to empty dust
  • Transparent dust bucket, dust full MAX indicator line
  • Electric mites brush + long flat suction + round brush to meet the needs of multi-scenario cleaning



  • Geo***

    M8-Pro is really fantastic! When reviewing all of the different types of robot cleaners, I started with iRoomba. We already had “Rosie” and when we ordered spare parts they were reasonably priced and came quickly. The reviews were a on the larest wifi units were a little iffy and I considered others. Proscenic had pretty good reviews. Bought the M8-Pro When it came time to download the app, I was a little disappointed to see the app ratings under 2. A major part of my selection process focused on the flexibility that came with the app. I had unpacked it and proceeded to try it. It connected easily (we have a router with 2.4 and 5G) started easily. I thought we should clean the Kitchen. It wouldn’t let me select a room. Disappointed, we set it in cleaning and let it go. It mapped our whole downstairs. Cleaned really well. Found the docking station all by itself. It stopped bumping into walls that it had identified. Cleaned in an organized fashion. Not random. As much back and forth as it could considering we have a lot of chairs around. I tried the room / area selection feature the next days. This time it worked! It let me select an area based on the mapping it performed during the first run. They should mention this in the manual, and, if the initial mapping isn’t done when you try to select room or area, a pop up should tell you to do that first. I tried the mopping routine. Really clever. It follows a cross cross pattern so to speak the way one might mop the floor. When it finished, it said it was finished and went back to the charging station. Never touched a wall or chair on the way back. I am impressed. Definitely happy with it. So is my wife. After all, it was a Mother’s Day gift

  • Pat***

    I loved this vacuum cleaner since I opened the package. It came fully equipped! The suction power is above my expectations. It vacuums floor and carpet very well. Saved a lot of time and I can do other things to do at home. Easy to use every program with remote control or app. I just put water on water tank for mopping and the floor looks very clean. Once finished the vacuum cleaner goes back to the docking station. Very satisfied! Extremely recommended!

  • Abr***

    This machine has really exceeded my expectations. I have a vacuum which does everything I want. It cleans up the tiled floors in the kitchen, living room and hall. All of which inevitably gather bits of dirt, crumbs and other stuff. All cleared without any apparent fuss or complaint from the mechanics of the machine. It covers more areas which seem to gather their fair share of dirt. Used it now for a few weeks and every time I’m still amazed at how much dirt it collects in its dustbin. Really very little to criticise, yes, charge time might be shorter and run time might be longer but neither is actually a problem as it always happily sends itself back home when it runs out and starts recharging itself without me having to remember to do it. All in all, for someone who hates conventional vacuums, this machine is a minor miracle.

  • Rhe***

    Best robot vacuum I have ever used.

  • Mad***

    Navigation so perfect barely touch the wall, better than M7 or other camera base navigation. multiple floor mapping, virtual no go zone.

  • Gra***

    I bought a M7 Pro first. It was a great vacuum cleaner, but there was 2 problem with that: 1. The application was not that user friendly and also hard to define rooms 2. Moping water container was really small In M8 Pro they resolved both problems plus it has extra vacuum power(300psi more than P7 Pro) In the mobile app, you can define multiple areas and also block area and block area just for moping(like carpet area) I even had an iRobot i7, but still prefer this one over that.

  • Flo***

    This is a well-made robot. It cleans floors well, suction power is OK, it also washes the floor. It is easy to set up and to use. Appearance is modern. When battery is low it comes back automatically to the charging dock. It is a good helper for the house. It can be controlled e.g. via the app or remote control. You can set it on a cleaning schedule, change cleaning modes, adjust water flow, etc. You just need to empty its bin. Overall, Proscenic 850T does a good job and it offers good value.

  • Lor***

    love this vacuum cleaner. It's saving my time, I can do other things at home. When I coming back from work it's already cleaned. My floor looks lovely and clean. I just use a water for mopping because when I tried to put a little bit of floor cleaner I saw a bit of stains on the floor.

  • Que***

    Perfect sensors and great getting the pattern right, it does not get stuck hitting objects

  • Tan***

    It can clean both carpets and ceramic very efficiently. Not only vacuuming but also mopping! Use filtered water for the banker.

  • Sap***

    This is a good addition to my house. I have a couple of other vacuum and my daily is a robotic vacuum. However this vacuum is great if I want to do deep clean in the corners. It is light weight and good looking and can be mounted on the wall with mounting hardware provided.

  • Elo***

    So I have been using this vacuum cleaner for about 2 weeks before writing this review so I can give my honest opinion about it. So to start off I'm just going to say that this vacuum DID NOT disappoint fact it exceeded my expectation so upon opening the box I began putting this product together and to my surprise they shipped it with a full battery and I begin to use it on my rug and it pulling things out of the rug on the lowest setting then I begin to vaccum the tile and it's doing a amazing job even cleaning a smooth surface and just that alone I was satisfied with my product. Then about 2 days later I take to my car we had some heavy rain in my area and the car got some mud on the carpet and so I though why not right? Well i turn it on the medium and get to work on the more difficult spots I had to turn it on high but the moral of the story it completely tr ed the job effortlessly, also not to mention this is all done on the same charge it was shipped with. I cannot give this product any more praise but I can say I do not feel cheated, robbed, let down, or anything negative this was one of those more pricier product I have bought off amazon and felt alittle anxious of whether or not the product will actually work like advertised and you can rest assure that you did not waste a dime on this product.

  • Cai***

    I have to vacuum my car often cause I’m a cab driver, in order to maintain cleanliness and courtesy. This is one of the powerful portable vacuum cleaner I ever bought. Easy to put together. It come with a tube that can go though side to side in the car. Clean my car really well. And it is useful for house too. It’s lightweight so I can vacuum the ceiling and the walls easily if I want to The swivel head make it easy to go around the legs of table and chairs to clean the floor. It’s cordless. My favorite feature I can go anywhere. Easy to dumb the dust ,open the holder and you can remove the filter and shake it off and clean the other part with water. Charge the battery is simple just plug it into outlets. It will last about 45 minutes Four difference speeds you can switch by touching the screen. One of the best household cleaning helpers.

  • Xav***

    I’m so excited about this vacuum cleaner! I already have a really great Shark that I use for heavy duty cleaning, but it’s bulky, heavy, and has an annoying cord. This vacuum is great for the quicker in between cleans. I love that it holds a charge long enough to actually finish the cleaning, and the suction power is good enough for grabbing toy fuzz and dog food crumbs from the carpet. The picture above shows how much dust in picked up in just a few minutes (from carpet I THOUGHT was passably clean). It’s so nice to have all the attachments for corners and deeper cleaning too. And I love that the vacuum is cordless and super light. I’ve already been using it almost daily, and I intend to keep doing so!

  • Zac***

    This vacuum has super strong suction for a battery/cordless vac, compared to those I've used in the past. The LED touch screen is pretty cool looking, makes it feel a lot more "modern," and there are 4 speeds that are easy to operate by pressing "mode" on the LED touch screen on the back of the handle. You can remove the extension rod and use it as a small hand vac that's super powerful to clean off steps and cob webs in the corners of rooms/windows etc. I was able to clean off a super hairy cat tower quickly without having to do several passes over the same spot. Being a small 5 ft female this was significantly lighter weight than my large corded 12 amp vacuum it replaced. Emptying it, is literally pressing 1 button on the collection container above a trash can and giving it a light tap - and you're ready to go again.

R19,495 R11,190

In stock

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Items in this deal

Proscenic M8PRO Robotic Vacuum

1 x Proscenic M8 Pro Vacuum & Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


In stock

Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner

1 x Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum cleaner & Mopper, 450w 25000pa suction power


In stock

Refurbished Guarantee
Indistinguishable from brand new or we will swop it for a brand new one free of charge!

What’s in the box:

Proscenic M8 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Includes:

1 x Proscenic M8 Pro Robot Vacuum
1 x 2-in-1 Dust Box and Water Tank
1 x Remote control
1 x Rolling brush
1 x Charging base
1 x Side brushes
1 x Adapter
1 x Micro Fiber Mopping Cloth
1 x Manual

Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Includes:

1 x Motor
1 x Suction head for floors
1 x Extended tube
1 x User Manual
1 x Roller brush
1 x Power adapter
1 x Round brush
1 x Mini-motorized tool
1 x Crevice tool


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  • Craig Pidduck

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  • Martin Koorsen

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  • Otto Whitehead

    Amazing customer service

  • Willem Coetsee

    Like the professional way these guys dealt with my queries. They sure know how to up-sell too! Always buy something extra for the kit!! Definitely recommended for all your drone requirements!!

  • Colin chapple

    I tragically crashed my P4Pro into a wind turbine, tried various parties here in Joburg to get it fixed and also tried the UK, all to no avail,. They all wanted to do a complete swop of the camera and gimble for the cost of a refurbished drone!. Contacted Drone World, dropped it off with the staff there who were extremely helpful and confirmed that they could replace the broken, components only, voila three day later the drone is on its way back to me and for a third of the alternative price. Thank you for indulging my questions and the timely repair.

  • Jason Chabalala

    being new to both drones and online (relatively new to onlie) purchases, this was a pleasant experience doing business with Droneworld, prompt and on time delivery.

  • Alfonso Abril

    Very nice service, the contact, information and transparency have been great. The drone arrived to Johannesburg in only 1 day. 100% recommended.

  • Chaital Jinabhai

    I got the drone well in time, as i bought it for my sons birthday. DroneWorld updated me regularly and guaranteed that i would have it before his bday. I got it! My son was super happy. Excellent service!!!

  • Amy Rossouw

    Very helpfull

  • Cam_J Walk

    Dylan provided us with all the information required to be confident in our decision. Thank you for the assistance and great service.

  • TK

    Thanks to Brian and Dylan to a great they are great and always ready to help. Thanks for the great service gents. I am still enjoying the DJI Mavic Pro and has been a great asset.

  • Larry Gordge

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  • Thulani Cindi

    I am must say I am pleasantly grateful for the service offered by Drone world. The customer services provided by Natasha and Ashley was quite amazing. I remember at some point giving them a deadline for my Mavic Pro 2; and they delivered on time, in fact a day earlier than I had expected. Thanks for your kindness. I wouldn't hesitate to come back to you in future when I face challenges.

  • Justin Govender

    I purchased a Phantom 3 pro drone from Droneworld, this was my second drone (the first one came to an unfortunate end haha). After insurance paid out for the replacement I was able to get this one from Droneworld. The process was so smooth and helpful. Before even purchasing Droneworld provided me with a replacement quotation so that I could show the insurance company the value and once ordered the delivery showed up promptly within a few days. Even before I made the commitment to buy I got a call from their sales team checking in on how my insurance claim was going and anything else they could to help. Great service, great product! Always happy to recommend them

  • Tania Steffens

    Just received my first purchase from DroneWorld today after placing my order yesterday. What a pleasure to do business with them. I ordered a case for my few months old Dji Mavic 2 Pro, and I'm very pleased and happy with the quality of the product. Thank you for including a free remote control sunhood into the package. I will make good use of it. I'm definitely buying all my drone gear from them in the future with confidence and reassurance that I'll be getting the best service and products.

  • Derick van Eeden

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  • Amy Haddon

    We required a new drone urgently and contacted Droneworld. Not knowing much about drones, they managed to answer our questions quickly and detailed. We then needed the drone couriered to us in a hurry and they successfully got it to us quicker than we even anticipated. We are very happy with their service, thank you Dylan for all the help.

  • Johan van Rensburg

    Thanks so much drone world. I ordered my drone in lock down and was never expecting it to arrive soon but Natasha was a star and helped me and kept me updated to the last day when my drone arrived and a day early was a nice surprise. Thanks Drone world

  • Dinesh Mooloo

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  • Dian Jacobs

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  • Amy Rossouw

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  • Garreth Grosch

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  • Vaughan Wood

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  • Dick Peters

    I came from Swakopmund all the way to get my drone fixed, Mike Thornhill assisted me and managed to repair my drone THE SAME DAY because of the distance issue, he gave me constant feedback and super service, the price I payed was also very fair and reasonable, thank you Drone World for assisting me and putting me back in the air!!!

  • Anton Henning

    To all the repair staff at DroneWorld... in particular Ashley... thank you for the amazing service that I have received on the repair of my RC unit. It was fast and the unit is working 100%... was working with it for 3 days after that and not one problem. I can safely recommend DroneWord and there repair staff, your drone is in good hands.

  • Jenny Osullivan

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  • Sean Todd

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  • Unaswi Mothuti

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  • Martin Prinsloo

    DroneWorld offered excellent advice and after sales support on products. Online chat worked great with very quick response times. Great assistance on getting my delivery to me the quickest way possible. Great job! Highly recommended!

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    Fast, Friendly and efficient service. Very happy. Worldwide covid restrictions delayed stock delivery but, once it arrived my DJI Mavic Mini battery was delivered at lightning speed. Thanks Droneworld.

  • Pierre Van Staden

    AWESOME company, placed an order online and was sent the following day to JHB. The courier companies was slow with delivery, but got my order just in time. In all, Droneworld definitely has my support. Thanks alot for everything!!! The lady who helped was Natasha. HAPPY FLYING!!!!

  • Sean Nel

    I went directly to Droneworld because of bad TakeAlot Experiences, and was mildly surprised that as a standard, they have next day delivery if you are early enough and the pricing was better! I was doing an online purchase which I couldn't complete because of a software bug surrounding my delivery address. Live Chat got me connected to Ashley that created an invoice for me on the fly as well as a link for online payment and boom. All sorted. Products delivered on time, neatly packaged and undamaged boxes. Happy as a clam. 😊

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  • Diederik Kotze

    Yesterday I placed an order from drone world....They in Cape Town and Im in Bloemfontein....Quick and painless online order...not even 24h later and my hands. Thanx Brain and team.

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  • Alexander John Vipond

    I have been battling with my Mavic Pro for the last couple of months was getting very frustrated. Bought one of the first ones when they were launched. Drove from Plett to CT and was met by Ashley. What can I say, Ashley (Droneworld) went way and behond to repair my Drone. Thank you guys very much. Excellent Excellent Excellent

  • Cassim Mathir

    Placed a online order for a DJI Mavic 2 pro and I'm based in Jhb. When the drone arrived I had problems with the remote controller not charging. When I called the customer care line Natasha took the call and assured me I don't have to worry at all, if there is a problem the unit it will be taken care of. Brian who assisted me with my purchase arrange to have the drone uplifted at no extra charge to myself. A brand new unit was then sent out to me. Besides having the best deals and lowest prices would definitely recommend Droneworld for the best after sales service. A big thank you to Brian, Natasha and Ashley for going the extra mile to assist a me......... and all of this was during lockdown when everyone was not in the office and working from home.

  • Voll Afrika

    Very nice guys! We showed up with a problem with our drone. They told us, that it's working, we just did something wrong and did not charge us. Thank you very much!

  • Jim Dowe

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  • Synaps3

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  • Andre strydom

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  • Elle PhotoSA

    Great Sales service from Dylan Tunmar


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To make up for it we are offering this exclusive deal to upgrade to the new Proscenic 2022 model.

What's new for the 2022 PROSCENIC M8 PRO:

  • 2.0 self-emptying station - a significant improvement over the previous model
  • App and voice control
  • Remote control included
  • Selectable cleaning modes and adjustable suction power
  • Proscenic Unique Cleaning Pattern
  • HEPA filter
  • 3000pa suction power
  • Absolutely brilliant with pesky pet hair
  • If the battery becomes low during cleaning, the robot vacuum mop returns to its charging station and recharges itself.
  • If mopping mode is selected, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop automatically detects and avoids rugs that are lying around.
  • The floor cleaning by the M8pro is done in systematic paths
  • Anti-drop sensors
  • Smart Cleaning & mapping
Proscenic M8 Pro
Proscenic M8 Pro
Regular Price R14,995