Variable ND Filter Lens

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A Variable ND filter helps you control the darkness of the filter just by twisting one part one of it.  You can adjust to reduce bright light in large aperture situations when a narrow depth is needed.

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The filter that you will appreciate more and more as time passes is the variable neutral density filter, or, more specifically, the variable ND Filter.  This filter can do things for you that will add a completely new dimension to your photography and filming. This is one filter that should be in every bag.

Variable ND Filter Lens

 Variable Neutral Density Filter

The variable neutral density filter  (VND) is a flexible version of the neutral density filter that allows for the relative density or f stop of the filter to be dialed in variably between 1 and 8  or more stops.  It operates much like a polarizing filter, where the front element of the VND filter is simply turned to reduce the amount of light entering the lens.  The term “Neutral” refers to the fact that the colour of the light is not affected by the filter, only the amount entering the lens.

We know that it it is extremely tight, but the aluminium ring on the edge of the Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional camera does unscrew in order for you to use the filters.


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