Inspire 1 X3/OSMO ND FILTERS – 6 IN 1

Product Description

The 6 in 1 kit consists of a Neutral Density Filter 8, a Neutral Density Filter 16, a Neutral Density Filter 32, a UV lens and a CPL – a Circular Polarising lens and a Polarising lens specifically designed to fit and OSMO or X3 camera.  The CPL is a polarizing filter and one of the most essential tools in a photographer or cameramans bag.? It helps reduce the glare from water, glass or any non-metallic surface. It is typically the first filter bought to instantly improve pictures and add vividness and contrast. The UV lens helps to protect the surface of the lens from scratches, smudges, dirt and other hazards. Basically – sunglasses for drones.The lenses come safely packed in a handy little black case. Sadly we will not sell the filters individually.

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