We import, distribute and sell the DJI Phantom, Walkers Tali H500 and QuadRotor Series for Quadcopter enthusiasts and aerial photographers.

Quadcopters & Aerial Photography

Taking Your Photography and Videography to New Heights! Aerial video and photography is now available to every filmmaker and photographer thanks to Quadcopters’. DJI and Walkera are makers of the best quality, ready to fly, multirotor platform Quadcopters that are capable of lifting recording and photographic devices like a GoPro or other lightweight recording and photographic devices. Helicopters and expensive production shoots are a thing of the past with a multirotor Quadcopter in your arsenal.


DJI – Phantom Series


Phantom 2

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Phantom 2 VISION

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Walkera – Tali H500 & QuadRotor Series


Walkera Tali H500

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Walkera QR X350 Pro

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