Please note the RRP is set by DJI for each country (bearing in mind import duties VAT and warranty servicing)

Advantages from buying from

  • Customer peace of mind and convenience.
  • Full local South African 12 month DJI warranty [6 months on batteries].
  • 8 AM–5 PM Monday to Friday telephonic tech support.
  • Seven day exchange for a new drone.[t&c’s apply]
  • We are also your support for all warranty/repairs which becomes a very costly exercise if you have to deal with DJI and send your drone back.
  • >After the seven days, and during the 12 month warranty, we submit to DJI on your behalf in the unlikely event of a breakdown, DJI will decide whether we should send the drone back to them for repair, or they will authorise Droneworld to give you a brand-new drone from our stock.
  • Immediate replacement of component or entire drone for some of the following reasons:
  1. Battery dead on arrival.[very unlikely because we test them individually before dispatch]*
  2. Battery charger dead on arrival.
  3. Drone not connecting to remote control.
  4. Gimble/camera not responding.
  5. Drone will not start on activation.
  6. Dead on Arrival (DOA) – meaning if your drone is received and can not switch on it will be an immediate exchange.

Disadvantages of ordering directly from overseas – DJI or another supplier

  • There are import duties of 7.5% [ and VAT 15% ] – The Tariff heading for drones is “9503.00 90” (If the drone has a camera)
  • Estimated courier cost back to Dji/overseas supplier [should you have a warranty claim]is between R2000 – R2500 and then there’s a 8 week delay for receiving your drone back.[incorrect documentation when sending out of country will make the drone subject to import duties and VAT at point of re-entry  for a second time]
  • New Airfreight regulations in 2016 means it is impossible for you send  lithium batteries back to the manufacturer under warranty for a replacement.

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